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Our Collective Commitments

As we begin our school year, it is important that as parents, you know the commitments that our staff is making to our school community. It is my hope that this will help you understand who we are, what we believe and what our focus will be with your children. 

KTES will be a welcoming and collaborative environment.

Our students are diverse in race, gender, skill, language, ability and talents, all of which make them unique individuals that will thrive in an inclusive environment that respects and values them. Families are a part of the greater school community and we will work together for student success. As educators, our belief is that ALL students are our students and it takes the collaboration of all parties to ensure student success.

KTES will be invested in the academic, social and emotional development of all.

KTES will be rooted in academic, social and emotional development. Being a life-long learner and committed to constant growth and development will be reflected not only in student instruction but also in the faculty’s pursuit for continued education and professional development to improve their practices. Being complacent and stagnant is never an acceptable practice and we will push ourselves and our students to work in and represent our full potential.

KTES will be a safe and secure environment.

Following procedures and protocols to ensure student safety is our top priority. Whether dealing with a national health crisis or addressing behaviors that stem from poor judgement that violates the safety and security of others, KTES will provide an environment that all students and staff can thrive in.